The NewMine Lab

Researchers at the New Media in Education Laboratory - or NewMinE lab, for short - share the vision that new information and communication technologies can be used to improve the quality of educational activities provided that they are used in an learner-centered framework.

New media for teaching and learning are not an added value in themselves but can effectively and efficiently assist good educational practices and effective learning experiences.

The NewMinE Lab is the leading house of RED-INK and is part of the Institute of Communication and Education of the University of Lugano.

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You can watch a video of the red-ink doctoral school in Lugano.


:: Lorenzo Cantoni (Director)

:: Luca Botturi (Executive Director)

RED-INK Student members

:: Silvia De Ascaniis

:: Luca Mazzola

:: Chrysi Rapanta

:: Emanuele Rapetti

:: Andreas Schmeil